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app39516-sup-0001-suppinfo.doc273KFigure S1. SEC curves of (1) P(PEGMA18-r-MMA33); (2) P(PEGMA45-r-MMA45); (3) P(PEGMA58-r-MMA33); (4) P(PEGMA50-r-MMA102). Figure S2. 1H NMR spectrum of P(PEGMA58-r-MMA33) in CDCl3. Figure S3. Profiles of 5 µL water droplets 30 s after application onto membranes soaked in (A) 0.1 mg/mL and (B) 1 mg/mL aqueous solutions of P(PEGMA18-r-MMA33) for 1 h.
app39516-sup-0002-suppvideo.avi2762KSupporting Video

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