Back Cover, Volume 131, Issue 12



The study of polymeric carbohydrate/nanotube composites has progressed rapidly in recent years. A range of new composites show astonishing mechanical parameters and conductivity values because nanotubes themselves have remarkable electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties. The review by Dagang Liu et al. emphasizes the development of polymeric carbohydrate/CNT composites, particularly in terms of their mechanical and conductivity properties and potential applications. They give a future outlook for developments and applications, including use in alternative materials for flexible electrodes in displays, bullet-proof vests, protective clothing, and high-performance composites for aircraft and automotive industries. The cover shows an example of the fabrication of polymeric carbohydrate/nanotube composites, in this case plasticized starch/CNT composites. DOI: 10.1002/app.40359