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Recent advances in the use of pullulan for food packaging applications include the formation of nanocomposite structures. The cover illustrates the self-assembled nanostructured biohybrid network generated by an integrated “top-down–bottom-up” approach between pullulan, clays, and a silica precursors, as presented by Stefano Farris, Ilke Uysal Unalan, Laura Introzzi, José Maria Fuentes-Alventosa, and Carlo A. Cozzolino. The cover shows the ordered arrangement of the idealized pullulan molecular chains inside the interlayer of inorganic nanobuilding blocks obtained by an intercalation approach. The main matrix is permeated by inorganic silica domains obtained by catalytic sol-gel chemistry of a metal alkoxide precursor. DOI: 10.1002/app.40539