Cover Image, Volume 131, Issue 18



Thermoplastic polyurethanes are useful commercial polymers, with applications in both industry and daily life because of their high tensile and flexural fatigue strength, excellent low-temperature flexibility, and outstanding abrasion resistance. However, due to their poor flame retardancy, thermal stability, and melt dripping behavior, they need improvement to meet industrial safety standards. In this study, Qiheng Tang, Yun Song, Jiyu He, and Rongjie Yang prepare a series of flame-retardant and anti-dripping thermoplastic poly(imide-urethane)s (TPIUs) by incorporating pyromellitic dianhydride as a flame retardant in the main chains using a two-step polymerization process. The results show that TPIUs exhibit excellent thermal and mechanical stabilities and flame-retardant properties. The cover shows the anti-dripping effect of TPIUs during the UL-94 vertical burning test. DOI: 10.1002/app.40801