• species inventory;
  • marine invertebrate;
  • marine protected area;
  • Queen Charlotte Islands;
  • Haida Gwaii


  • (1)
    Assessing species diversity is a basic requirement for conservation, and protecting biodiversity is a major goal of marine area conservation.
  • (2)
    A case study is presented on the development of a literature-based (1870s to 2000), museum collection-based, georeferenced inventory of marine invertebrate species of the Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) region, Canada.
  • (3)
    Database structure and quality assurance are described, along with including indigenous people's words for species towards using traditional knowledge within cooperative marine conservation area management.
  • (4)
    The utility of this type of inventory is proposed as a starting point for gathering regional biodiversity knowledge, and facilitating addition of other knowledge types, towards marine area conservation.

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