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Risk frames on shark diving websites: implications for global shark conservation



  • 1.Decision-makers can leverage understanding about the human dimensions (HD) of shark conservation to inform more effective conservation action. Characterizing risk frames on shark diving websites can provide insight about the HD of shark conservation and deepen understanding of the role of risk in influencing human relationships with wildlife.
  • 2.The objectives of the current study were to: (1) describe risk frames (e.g. victim, perpetrator) found on shark diving websites; (2) explore themes among and between risk frames; and (3) synthesize implications for conservation.
  • 3.Content among 53 websites was analysed in December 2008; 15% used only a perpetrator frame, 21% used only a victim frame, 36% used both frames and 28% used neither frame.
  • 4.Websites with a conservation link were more likely to use a victim frame (T = 0.283, P<0.05). The occurrence of both frames on study websites speaks to the relevancy of applying risk-related thinking to shark conservation.
  • 5.This research highlights how risk frames are contextualized on selected shark diving websites. Integrated with understanding of the ecological processes surrounding sharks and their conservation, HD information such as that presented here can contribute to more effective shark conservation. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
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