• coastal;
  • conservation;
  • fauna;
  • flora;
  • sport;
  • tourism


1. A report on the scientific aspects of the consequences of tourism and other leisure activities on the marine flora and fauna has been prepared on behalf of the French Ministry of the Environment. This involved an exhaustive bibliographical review resulting in a series of proposals to address some of the issues highlighted.

2. Our knowledge is too often based on observations of the deeds and misdeeds of tourism along with only a small amount of experimental study.

3. The main proposals are that there should be: (1) a compilation of all studies ordered by and for the State and its decentralized services, local communities and private companies; (2) definition of priority species and ecosystems; (3) observations on the direct and indirect impacts by tourists and sportsmen on the natural environment for each one of the large biotopes; (4) quantification of the impact of recreational fishing; (5) an integration of biological, sociological, economic and judicial disciplines in the management of the marine environment. Copyright © 2001 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.