• lagoons;
  • benthic diversity;
  • organic enrichment;
  • ecological status


  • 1.
    Benthic community parameters were studied in six coastal brackish-water lagoons located in western Greece (Ionian Sea). Five of the lagoons studied are around the coast of the Amvrakikos Gulf under the influence of the Rivers Louros and Arachthos and one lagoon is situated in northwest Peloponissos.
  • 2.
    All the lagoons experienced a wide range of temperatures, salinities and dissolved oxygen due to their high degree of confinement and shallow depths. Confinement and sediment composition were the major factors affecting number of species and biodiversity of benthic communities.
  • 3.
    The Shannon diversity index does not appear to be efficient in discriminating between natural stress and anthropogenic disturbance in lagoonal ecosystems.

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