Collection of marine invertebrates for the aquarium trade in European waters: is anyone surveying?



  • 1.Recently, the snails Hinia reticulatus, Cyclope neritea and Cerithium rupestre and the hermit crabs Diogenes pugilator and Clibanarius erythropus from warm European coastal waters have started to be commercially collected and traded.
  • 2.The average number (± standard deviation) of specimens captured per hour, by collectors were 475±237 for H. reticulatus, 363±112 for C. neritea, 384±173 for C. rupestre, 302±121 for D. pugilator and 210±54 for C. erythropus.
  • 3. All species survived well during transportation, were popular among aquarium hobbyists and attained high retail values, ranging from €0.90 to €4.00 per specimen.
  • 4.The collection and trade of these novel commercial species can either become a sole economic activity or an additional one for traditional fishermen and aquaculturists.
  • 5.Although no destructive collection techniques are employed, the lack of population biology studies and legislation regulating the capture of these species is a major problem in ensuring the sustainable use of these highly valuable marine resources.
  • 6.These species are currently mainly collected from natural parks areas protected by Portuguese and European Union designations.

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