• Buzi River;
  • Mozambique;
  • freshwater;
  • alien;
  • invasion;
  • Oreochromis niloticus


  • 1.
    Lake Chicamba, Mozambique (19°08′S; 33°08′E) is a large (116 km2) impoundment in the headwaters of the Buzi River system, which was invaded by Oreochromis niloticus in 1996 from a small (<0.3 km2) upstream reservoir.
  • 2.
    Experimental and artisanal catch data showed no O. niloticus until January 1996; after this O. niloticus was recorded in up to 83% of experimental seine net catches, 33% of experimental gill net catches, 43% of boat angling and 23% of shore angling catches, and in 48% of artisanal gill net catches.
  • 3.
    During the period January to March 1997, O. niloticus mean (upper, lower 95% confidence interval) yields in the artisanal fishery were 5.2 (3.6, 7.0) t month−1.
  • 4.
    The rapid invasion of this lake illustrates the significant invasion threat that small point-sources of this species pose to southern African freshwater systems.
  • 5.
    The study recommends: (1) that this species should not be used for aquaculture or fisheries enhancement in catchments that have not been invaded, and (2) that the eradication of potential point sources of O. niloticus in non-invaded catchment systems should be considered.

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