• anatomy;
  • cadavers;
  • medical education;
  • embalming;
  • clinical anatomy;
  • anatomical models;
  • surgical training;
  • Thiel solution


The invention of new techniques for surgery and interventional radiology demand improved training for ongoing specialists. The Anatomical Institutes in Switzerland support these requirements by establishing hands-on practical training courses by using new procedures for cadaver embalming and model construction. Improvements allow courses to provide students with more realistic simulations of both established and experimental surgical methods. Through these changes, the value of in-depth gross anatomy is enhanced as a topic of fundamental importance for the postgraduate medical and surgical curriculum. The web site contains information on courses using the Thiel embalming solution. Details about training courses in Switzerland using anatomical models are available at,, and Anat Rec (New Anat) 265:254–256, 2001. © 2001 Wiley-Liss, Inc.