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First page of Atlas of descriptive human anatomy. By J. Sobottu, edited and translated by Ednard Uhlenhuth. 1954. Hafner Publishing Co., Inc., New York. Vol. I, regions, skeleton, ligaments, joints and muscles, 6th English edition. (XIX + 321 pp. With 180 colored and 183 black‐and‐white illustrations and 43 text figures. $15.00.) Vol. II, Viscera, including the heart, 6th english edition. (XVI + 226 pp. with 110 colored and 102 black‐and‐white illustrations and 31 text figures. $12.50.) Vol. III, blood vessels, nervous system, sense organs, integument and lymphatics, 5th english edition. (XIX + 390 pp. with 164 colored and 142 black‐and‐white illustrations and 67 text figures. $17.50.) 20 × 25 cm. Complete set, $40.00