Physical anthropological and x-ray linear measurements of length, breadth and height of 28 dried skulls were made. The means and variances of these measurements were calculated and are given in tables. Next, the cranial capacity of these skulls was measured with mustard seeds (this method was validated using water measured skull) and the means and variances are given separately for males and females. Two formulae: (1) Lee's - Males, 0.365 (L × B × H) + 359.34; Females, 0.375 (L × B × H) + 296.40. (2) Spheroid-π/6 (L × B × H) were applied to calculate cranial capacity (in milliliters) from the linear anthropological and radiological dimensions (in centimeters). The results of the volumes thus obtained were compared to each other and to the control volume of the respective skulls. It was concluded that both the Lee's and Spheroid formulas for calculating the volume showed acceptably small difference from the respective control values. However, the Lee's method gave closer to control volumes for anthropological measurements whereas the Spheroid method gave closer to control volumes for x-ray measurements.