Nerve endings in skin of the australian black snake


  • Uwe Proske

    1. Department of Physiology, Monash University, Clayton, Victoria, Australia 3168
    Current affiliation:
    1. Laboratoire de Physiologie, Faculté de Medecine, Route de Narbonne, Toulouse, France
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Histological preparations from skin of the Australian black snake, Pseudechis Porthyriacus have revealed myelinated nerve fibers terminating in several structures. The commonest of these, the simple “End Button,” was seen in the epidermis from all regions of the body. An end organ, the “touch corpuscle” occurred in the epidermis of the upper and lower lip, while in the dermis of the upper and lower jaw an encapsulated structure, the “club corpuscle” was frequently encountered. These more complex structures could not be revealed in skin of the trunk where only “end buttons” were seen.