The cytoarchitecture of normal mouse lens epithelium


  • This investigation was supported by Public Health Service Research grant 7 R01 EY00698-01 from the National Eye Institute.


The lens epithelium of 30 gm male albino CF1 mice was characterized by determining the area dimensions and the mitotic rate of the total and of the several different regions of whole-mount preparations. A ring of nonpigmented iris cells is found to adhere to the outer surface of the lens cuticle, which serves to delineate an inner central zone from an outer peripheral zone of the epithelium. A high number of dividing cells in the peripheral area, especially immediately adjacent to the meridional rows, but including the area overlain by the iridial fringe of cells, identifies this wide region as the proliferative zone. The mitotic rate, furthermore, undergoes marked diurnal variation, rising in the late evening through the early morning hours and diminishing during the late morning and afternoon hours.