The anatomy of parts of the pelvic outlet and perineum is described in an adult male gorilla. Two previously undescribed muscles are presented: (1) The puborectalis muscle, completely separated from the levator ani, arises from the region of the symphysis and forms a sling for the rectum while it also substitutes for the perineal membrane. (2) The puboampullaris muscle, a paired smooth muscle, arises from the pubis and inserts into the rectum to elevate the rectum while additionally providing support for the urogenital viscera. The levator ani muscle is recounted to point out its lack of attachment to the pelvic viscera while allowing a hiatus in which the rectum is exposed within the perineum. The sphincter urethrae muscle is presented emphasizing its true sphincteric characteristics, its absence of lateral attachments and its similarity to man. Other muscles of the pelvis and perineum as well as urogenital viscera are described or modified where necessary. The manner in which these structures enter into the support of the pelvic viscera is considered.