Simultaneous immunoelectron microscopic localization of histamine and factor VII-related antigen was examined on the same ultrathin section of the endothelium of the human umbilical vein from full-term deliveries by means of the double-immunolabeling technique.

Small gold particles demonstrating antibody reaction with histamine are preferentially located in the cytoplasmic matrix and organelles, especially in mitochondria and on the luminal membrane surface of the endothelial cells. The gold particles representing histamine immunoreactivity also located on some of Weibel Palade (WP) bodies. In contrast, large gold particles demonstrating factor VII-related antigen are concentrated preferentially on most WP bodies. Single labeling of either histamine or factor VIII-related antigen shows similar results to those of the double labeling.

The present study indicates that some WP bodies are involved in storage of both factor VIII-related antigen and histamine, but others store factor VIII-related antigen only. This difference in contents of WP bodies may be induced during the development and maturation process of this inclusion. At any rate, it is reasonable to consider that WP bodies have important roles in both vascular tonus and hemostasis during the vascular obliteration.