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A Victorian era depiction of New World monkeys. From Buffon, G.L. Leclerc de and Hutton, W. 1821. Buffon's Natural History, Abridged. A new edition by the Rev. W. Hutton, London. Two of the five monkeys illustrated were improperly identified by common names in the plate's legend, perhaps because the printer reversed identifying numbers 4 and 5. Using current colloquial terms, the primates can be recognized as: 1. Brown capuchin (or cebus) monkey, Cebus apella; 2. Squirrel monkey, Saimiri sciureus; 3. Silvery marmoset, Callithrix argentata; 4. Black-handed tamarin, Saguinus niger; 5. White-fronted capuchin (or cebus) monkey, Cebus albifrons. Today, Buffon's tree seems prescient, for we regard all these animals as members of the same phylogenetic branch of the platyrrhine radiation.