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AR_21485_sm_SuppFig1.tif10431KSupplementary Fig. 1. As a positive control for ephrin-A2 immunoreactivity, olfactory bulb sections were processed in parallel with cortical sections. In agreement with findings from other investigators in neonatal rat and mouse (references given in Materials and Methods section), ephrin-A2 protein is strongly expressed in the mitral cell layer (MCL) and in glomeruli (GL), and by P8, as shown here, had been largely downregulated in the primary afferent fibers (A, box denotes area shown at higher power in inset). As a negative control, olfactory bulbs, which were immunoreacted with the ephrin-A2 antibody adsorbed with its antigenic peptide, showed greatly reduced immunostaining (B). Scale bar is 100 µm for A and B and 33 µm for the insert in A.
AR_21485_sm_SuppFig2.tif5013KSupplementary Fig. 2. Confocal microscopic images of Hu and ephrin-A2 immunoreactivity in neurons in the border region between the supragranular layers above, where double labeled profiles are evident, and layer IV below, where few cell bodies or dendrites are double labeled.

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