• corpus striatum;
  • human fetuses;
  • development;
  • nNOS;
  • serotonin 2A


This study focussed on the development of the corpus striatum in the fetus, using silver impregnation and immunohistochemistry. For the latter, we looked for nNOS positive cells and 5-HT2A receptors positive cells in the corpus striatum during development. During the initial formation of the corpus striatum, there was migration cells of the ganglionic eminence toward the putamen by 15–17 weeks of gestation. Process formation in the neurons started by week 17 and became very complex before term (31/32 weeks of gestation). By 25–27 gestational weeks, the globus pallidus already had two parts and the corpus striatum was similar to the adult in configuration. The nNOS positive cells appeared early (21–23 weeks in gestation) while 5-HT2A receptors positive cells were not observed until 31/32 weeks gestation. The number of positive cells in both groups was relatively small. It is anticipated that further developmental changes would occur in the postnatal/neonatal phases. Anat Rec, 2012. © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.