Thank you from The Anatomical Record Part B: The New Anatomist


The New Anatomist has been a section of The Anatomical Record and an official publication of the American Association of Anatomists since 1998. The journal has enjoyed much support from authors and readers alike, eager to share in our unique perspectives on the anatomical sciences. We are ending our publication run with this issue, in order to pave the way for new publication opportunities being considered by the AAA and Wiley.

On behalf of the Editorial Advisory Board and publisher John Wiley & Sons, I would like to express our appreciation for all those who have contributed time and talent to The New Anatomist over these eight years. Hundreds of authors and expert referees have endeavored to fill each issue of The New Anatomist with diverse and valuable articles. Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your efforts. With much gratitude we also recognize our Panel of Reviewers, listed on the inside cover, who provided keen insight and advice to authors and editors alike.

Special recognition and appreciation go out to several Guest Editors of special issues: Bruce Carlson, Kathryn Jones, David Lester, and Robert Silver; and two former guest editors on our current Editorial Advisory Board: Richard Drake and James Olds. These individuals organized outstanding special issues on topics as wide-ranging as biomedical imaging, stem cell research, mammalian tissue regeneration, and advances in anatomical education. I also tip my hat to Robert Trelease and Geoffrey Guttmann, who in 2004 co-organized (with Richard Drake) an informative and provocative Debate Forum on the role of dissection in anatomy education.

We especially appreciate our readers and supporters from the AAA, who offered valuable feedback that helped to inform the development of the journal over the years. Of course, special thanks go to all those at John Wiley & Sons who have worked hard behind the scenes to ensure the timely publication of this journal — most recently, Tracie Butchko in our Editorial Office and Cecilia Banzon in the Production Department.

I must now personally thank the Editorial Advisory Board members, past and present, who invited outstanding articles and oversaw peer review of submissions. Past board members not currently listed on the journal's inside cover are Karen Augustine-Rauch, Frank Longo, David Lester, Sue O'Shea, Robert Trelstad, Thomas Van de Water, and Debra Wolgemuth. Founding Editorial Board Chairman Duane E. Haines deserves special recognition for his vision and inspiration from the very beginning of this venture, shaping The New Anatomist into a truly unique scientific publication. I admire Duane and the other advisory editors who published extensively in The New Anatomist, thus placing their faith behind the journal in a unique and proactive way. I have come away from our experiences all the richer, with not only a deeper appreciation for the anatomical sciences, but also important friendships that I hope will last well into the future.