Figure S1. Alignment of sequences representing the distinct haplotypes in modern Chilean and ancient Pacific/Chilean chickens used in the phylogenetic analysis. The last 15 bases included in the analysis (not shown in this alignment) were identical in all 13 sequences. Numbers are based on the Reference Sequence NC_001323 (Desjardins & Morais 1990). Modern sample CHL31 is identical to the Reference Sequence in this 350 bp region and thus is a suitable standard by which to compare the other sequences in this alignment.


Table S1. Isotope values for modern and archaeological samples of Chilean marine, lacustrine and terrestrial plants and animals. Symbols are used to indicate individual references for the data as follows: ●, Falabella et al. (2007); ‡, Hückstädt et al. (2007); †, Storey et al. (2008b); !!, Storey et al. (2007).


Table S2. Sample names, geographical and/or morphological provenience, length of sequence and GenBank Accession Number for Chilean and Pacific sequences listed in Table 2 and utilised in the analysis.

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