Hip fracture patients are not treated for osteoporosis: A call to action




To determine whether hip fracture patients, a group at very high risk for additional fragility fractures, are being evaluated and treated effectively for osteoporosis.


Clinical and bone densitometry (dual x-ray absorptiometry [DXA]) records were reviewed in hip fracture patients at 4 Midwestern US health systems to determine the frequency of DXA use, calcium and vitamin D supplementation, and antiresorptive drug treatment.


DXA was performed at the 4 study sites in only 12%, 12%, 13%, and 24% of patients, respectively. Calcium and vitamin D supplements were prescribed in 27%, 1%, 3%, and 25% of the patients at the 4 study sites. Antiresorptive drugs were prescribed in 26%, 12%, 7%, and 37% of the patients with only 2–10% receiving a bisphosphonate.


Reducing osteoporotic fractures will require more effective approaches to managing hip fracture patients and other high-risk populations.