Erratum: J McQuillan, J Fifield, TJ Sheehan, S Reisine, H Tennen, V Hesselbrock, N Rothfield. A comparison of self-reports of distress and affective disorder diagnoses in rheumatoid arthritis: A receiver operator characteristic analysis, Arthritis Care & Research (2003) 49:368–376.


The original article to which this Erratum refers was published in Arthritis Care & Research(2003)49(3)368–376

In the article by McQuillan et al published in the June 2003 issue of Arthritis Care & Research (pp 368–76), the headings False Positive and True Positive on Figure 2 were transposed, and the last column heading on Table 4 should read 1−Specificity. Also, in the first paragraph of the Results section it should read “current affective disorder” instead of “current major depressive episode,” and the last sentence in the Results should read “… we found that the sensitivity (0.89) is much better than 1− the specificity (0.24) at the standard cut off score of 16.

We regret the errors.