The principal manifestations of certain syndromes presumed to be variants of rheumatoid arthritis are reviewed and the results of serologic studies presented. The entities investigated were anky-losing spondylitis, Still's disease, psoriatic arthritis, the arthritis of ulcerative colitis and Reiter's syndrome. Serologic observations suggested that Still's syndrome is truly juvenile rheumatoid arthritis but that the other variants may be separate diseases.

Es passate in revista le manifestationes principal de certe syndromes que pre-sumitemente es variantes de arthritis rheumatoide. Le resultatos de studios serologic es presentate. Le entitates investigate es spondylitis ankylosante, morbo de Still, arthritis psoriatic, le arthritis de colitis ulcerative, e syndrome de Reiter. Le constatationes serologic suggere que le morbo de Still es de facto un forma juvenil de arthritis rheumatoide, durante que le altere variantes es plus probabilemente morbos separate.