There are few multidimensional measures of functional status in children, and none have been developed for children with juvenile arthritis (JA). This report describes an attempt to apply selected components of the Arthritis Impact Measurement Scales (AIMS), which were developed and validated for adults, to a sample of children with active JA (n = 60) or inactive JA (n = 17). Our results suggest that the Pain scale and the Physical Activity scale are the most reliable measures for children with JA; the correlations of the Pain scale, Physical Activity scale, and Dexterity scale results with the clinical measures of JA diagnostic category and joint count support the convergent validity of these scales for the active JA group; and the AIMS revised Physical Disability dimension and the Pain dimension, used to predict the children's classification in the active or inactive JA group, evidence discriminant validity. Additional studies of children with a wider range of impairments are needed to further assess the usefulness of the AIMS for children with JA.