In appreciation of Gene G. Hunder, MD, Editor, Arthritis Care & Research, 2000–2005


The American College of Rheumatology and the Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals have been well served by the editorship of Dr. Gene G. Hunder. Dr. Hunder took over the editorship of Arthritis Care & Research during a transitional time in the journal's history. During this time, the goal was to broaden the scope of the articles that were published in Arthritis Care & Research to include clinical physicians in the readership, while continuing to interest its core readership of allied health professionals. Dr. Hunder has worked toward accomplishing this goal and because of his efforts, the journal now appeals to all members of the American College of Rheumatology. Dr. Hunder brought his expertise in clinical rheumatology and his previous experience serving both as the Editor and on the editorial boards of several peer-reviewed journal publications to the helm of Arthritis Care & Research, and continued the ongoing process of improving the journal.

During Dr. Hunder's editorship, Arthritis Care & Research became an official section of Arthritis & Rheumatism, which enabled the journal to share Arthritis & Rheumatism's high impact factor as ranked by the Institute for Scientific Information. Dr. Hunder effectively managed the unanticipated difficulties that occurred with the integration of the two journals. Arthritis Care & Research has also benefited by Dr. Hunder's conscientious collaboration with Dr. David Pisetsky, Editor of Arthritis & Rheumatism, who referred many top-quality manuscripts for publication in Arthritis Care & Research.

Dr. Hunder has been extremely successful in encouraging authors to submit quality manuscripts to Arthritis Care & Research as he endeavored to make the journal an authoritative source of information about clinical practice issues for all rheumatology health professionals. As a result of his recruiting efforts, the number of submissions to the journal has increased every year and the growth rate over the past five years is more than 100%. Dr. Hunder has been able to become even more discriminating in accepting manuscripts to ensure that articles of the highest quality are published in the journal. Another result of Dr. Hunder's activities as editor has been the increase in journal pages per issue. In 2005, Arthritis Care & Research is publishing almost double the number of pages per issue than it did in the beginning of 2000. Dr. Hunder has been instrumental in managing journal operations efficiently while the journal has grown to extraordinary heights. Even with the increase in pages per issue, the journal became so popular that it was not able to accommodate all the quality research that was submitted and this created a backlog of accepted manuscripts. Dr. Hunder responded to this problem with great skill and effectiveness and the backlog was eliminated.

Dr. Hunder's editorial team consisted of rheumatologists and health professionals from institutions across the country. His team had expertise in a variety of areas including rheumatology practice, clinical epidemiology, outcomes research, exercise, physical medicine, analysis of health care policy, health care economics, and emerging clinical practice issues. Associate Editors Drs. Sherine E. Gabriel, Joanne M. Jordan, Patricia P. Katz, Eric L. Matteson, Marian A. Minor, and Ann M. Reed and the Editorial Board have made essential contributions along with Dr. Hunder to achieve the journal's current success. The Editorial Assistant, Beverly Northouse, has worked diligently to manage submitted articles and the review process.

Dr. Hunder has been a distinguished leader of Arthritis Care & Research. His efforts over the past five years have ensured that the journal has become, and will remain, an influential journal in clinical rheumatology.