Role of RANK ligand in normal and pathologic bone remodeling and the therapeutic potential of novel inhibitory molecules in musculoskeletal diseases



This is the first article in a new series entitled “Clinical Aspects of Molecular Research in Rheumatology,” which will appear regularly in Arthritis Care & Research. As with all health care professionals, our readership is increasingly faced with the reality that in medicine today there is simply “too much to know.” This is particularly true for those confronted by the challenges of interpreting the remarkable advances occurring in the fields of cellular and molecular biology as applied to research in rheumatology. This series will present concise reviews written by leaders in the field that are tailored to nonlaboratory-based readers. It is hoped that these articles will provide both an overview of cutting edge science in an interpretable format, and provide direction for those desiring to learn more about the precise topics. We welcome reader feedback and ideas for future topics.

Leonard H. Calabrese, DO

Section Editor