ARHP Announcements

ARHP Annual Scientific Meeting

November 6–11, 2007, Boston

October 24–29, 2008, San Francisco

ARHP Annual Scientific Meeting Registration

Registration materials will be available this month for the 2007 ARHP Annual Scientific Meeting to be held November 6–11 in Boston. The ARHP Annual Scientific Meeting, held in conjunction with the American College of Rheumatology's Annual Scientific Meeting is planned to reflect the needs and interests of health professionals working with arthritis and rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases. It provides a forum to address issues of professional significance with a multidisciplinary audience. Members and nonmembers may review ACR and ARHP programming, register for the meeting, and make hotel reservations online at

Mark Your Calendar for the Clinical Focus Course—Completing the Puzzle: Other Aspects of Rheumatology Disease

The ARHP preconference Clinical Focus Course will be offered November 7, 2007 as part of the ACR and ARHP Annual Scientific Meeting in Boston. The preconference course is designed to assist clinicians in gaining increased understanding of selected aspects of rheumatic disease, while building on their current knowledge base. Details and registration materials will be available this month at

Research and Education Foundation Award Applications Due August 1

The Research and Education Foundation is offering health professionals a number of training and research opportunities through REF awards and grants. Applications are now being accepted for the Lawren H. Daltroy Fellowship in Patient-Clinician Communication, the Health Professional Investigator Award, and the Health Professional New Investigator Award. Health Professionals may also be eligible to apply for the Academic Reentry Award. The deadline for submission is August 1, 2007, and applications and information are available at by contacting the REF at Applications must be submitted online.

Lawren H. Daltroy Fellowship in Patient-Clinician Communication. The aim of this fellowship is to improve patient-clinician interaction through support of research that explores various aspects of patient-clinician communication. Such research will lead to better qualified clinicians and enhanced patient experiences. Eligible applicants must be an ARHP member. This fellowship is open to both junior and senior level health professionals; however applicants with limited research training or experience with grants/fellowships are encouraged to apply with a mentor who possesses such skills. The award is not intended for physician members of the ACR or ARHP.

Health Professional Investigator Award. This award encourages health professionals to pursue careers in rheumatology-related research by supporting a structured research project. Eligible applicants must be doctorally prepared and members of the ARHP.

Health Professional New Investigator Award. This award encourages health professionals new to the field of rheumatology to pursue research careers by providing introductory support for a structured research project. Applicants must be within five years of receiving their doctoral degree and be a member of ARHP.

ARHP members may be eligible to apply for several other REF awards including the Academic Reentry Award. This award assists fully-trained basic and clinical research scientists in resuming research careers in rheumatology after having taken time away from academic research for personal or family reasons. ACR and ARHP members with an advanced medical degree who have completed post-doctoral training in the clinical or basic sciences and hold a faculty appointment at an appropriate institution are eligible to apply. Applicants should have taken a hiatus from their research careers of at least one year to qualify for this award.

Graduate Student Recognition Award

This ARHP award is designed to encourage the interest of graduate students in the field of rheumatology. Share this information with graduate students in health-related areas including, but not limited to behavioral medicine, epidemiology, health services, psychology, nursing, nutrition, occupational therapy, physical therapy, bioengineering, and social work. For additional information contact Julie Anderson, Program Services Specialist, at (404-929-4802) or visit The deadline to submit an application for the award is July 5, 2007.