The cover of this issue of Arthritis & Rheumatism does not look like the covers from before. While the new cover is the most visible mark of the beginning of our fifty-first year, other changes have already occurred and more will follow. Readers, authors, reviewers—indeed, everyone involved in this enterprise—will find us growing with the times.

For the past few months subscribers have been receiving e-mail notices of tables of contents several weeks before print publication; subscribers have clickable access to papers as soon as they are released online. This month we are initiating an “In This Issue” feature, which offers short descriptions, at the front of the journal, of articles likely to be of special interest to all readers. We have reduced the average time between receipt of a new manuscript and first decision to 28 days; for revised manuscripts, the average time from receipt of revision to final decision is 24 days. For an accepted paper, the time between receipt of the final version (with author copyright releases and conflict-of-interest signatures) to electronic publication is now just a little over 3 months.

We have expanded our editorial board to include more members from Europe, Asia, and elsewhere. We continue to seek new ways to ensure that the language of articles we publish is accessible to a broad readership.

We will celebrate our actual fiftieth anniversary date in February 2008 by publishing a special supplement. The supplement will present essays from former editors about important papers published under their leadership (we will reprint these articles). The supplement also will include articles about how Arthritis & Rheumatism is seen in Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East. Other articles will speculate about the future of medical/scientific publishing, and still others will imagine about how this journal will evolve in its next 50 years. We think the supplement will be fun to read. We hope you will as well.

We welcome your suggestions for improvement.*Arthritis & Rheumatism is growing, not just changing. Your good and feasible idea, from wherever you are and whoever you may be, may be the first step that leads to our next important change.

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