Submissions invited for themed issue of Arthritis Care & Research: Biologic agents in the treatment of rheumatic diseases—The first decade

Arthritis Care & Research is soliciting manuscripts for a themed issue addressing the impact of biologic agents in the treatment and outcomes of the rheumatic diseases. We prefer manuscripts that focus on the entire class of agents as a whole, rather than studies of individual agents, although some studies of the latter may be accepted. Manuscripts covering a broad range of topics related to the major theme are invited, for example: the long-term efficacy of biologic agents (defined to mean at least one year); impact of these agents on quality of life including but not limited to employment, other areas of functioning, and psychological well-being; factors affecting initiation and cessation of biologic agents; impact on the practice of rheumatology and arthritis-allied health professions; and reimbursement and formulary issues in the private and public sectors.

The issue will include regular submissions as well, but a certain number of pages will be reserved for manuscripts accepted in response to this solicitation. All types of manuscripts (e.g., original articles, contributions from the field, case studies, trainee rounds, reviews) are included in this solicitation. All manuscripts will be reviewed.

The deadline for submission is September 1, 2008. For further information, contact the editors of Arthritis Care & Research, Edward H. Yelin, PhD ( or Patricia P. Katz, PhD (