Submissions invited for themed issue of Arthritis Care & Research: Quality of care in the rheumatic diseases

Arthritis Care & Research is soliciting manuscripts for a themed issue addressing quality of care in the rheumatic diseases. Manuscripts covering a broad range of topics related to the major theme are invited, for example: measurement of quality of care in specific conditions; evaluating differences in access to care or quality across providers, institutions, and health plans; describing and assessing interventions to improve the quality of care; and analyzing the risk factors for poor quality of care at the level of the patient and provider. The substantive areas covered by the theme dovetail with those of the American College of Rheumatology's Quality of Care Committee (QOC). A description of the areas with the purview of the QOC are available at Submissions from a range of disciplines relevant to quality of care are welcome, and we will entertain both original research articles and review articles.

The issue will include regular submissions as well, but a certain number of pages will be reserved for manuscripts accepted in response to this solicitation. Manuscripts will be subject to the usual review process.

The deadline for submission is April 1, 2010. For further information, contact the editors of Arthritis Care & Research, Edward H. Yelin, PhD ( or Patricia P. Katz, PhD (