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ART_38009_sm_SupplFigure1.docx259KSupplementary Figure 1. Multiple regression VCA scores vs. GM volume: Red areas are clusters showing reduced gray matter volume across all cSLE subjects that correlated with lower Z scores for the VCA domain.
ART_38009_sm_SupplFigure2.docx295KSupplementary Figure 2: Panel A shows regions with decreased GM volume in the cSLE-NCD vs. cSLE-NL comparison for ANCOVA models that did (green) or did not (red) include SLE duration as a covariate. Voxels where GM decreases for both models overlapped are colored yellow. The figure shows a high degree of overlap between the two models consistent with there being no overall association of GM volume decreases with disease duration. The lack of association between cumulative oral or IV steroid exposure and GM volume is demonstrated in Panel B, with decreased GM volume in the cSLE-NCD vs. cSLE-NL comparison for models that did (green) or did not (red) include cumulative oral and IV steroid doses as covariates. Again the large extent of overlap between these models (yellow) is consistent with differences in steroid exposure not being associated with decreased GM volume in the cSLE-NCD group. Note that the increased number of green voxels representing the model that included steroid dose as a covariate, suggests this model better accounted for overall non-specific variance even though the cumulative steroid dose (oral or IV) did not explain the reduction in gray matter volume when tested using multiple regression.
ART_38009_sm_SupplTable1.docx36KSupplementary Table 1: Controls vs. cSLE-NCD cluster statistics
ART_38009_sm_SupplTable2.docx36KSupplementary Table 2: cSLE-NL vs. cSLE-NCD cluster statistics

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