Incorrect Decapeptide Sequence in the Article by Lauvsnes et al (Arthritis Rheum, December 2013)


  • Maria B. Lauvsnes,

  • Stian S. Maroni,

  • Simone Appenzeller,

  • Mona K. Beyer,

  • Ole J. Greve,

  • Jan T. Kvaløy,

  • Erna Harboe,

  • Lasse G. Gøransson,

  • Anne B. Tjensvoll,

  • Roald Omdal


This article corrects:

  1. Memory Dysfunction in Primary Sjögren's Syndrome Is Associated With Anti-NR2 Antibodies Volume 65, Issue 12, 3209–3217, Article first published online: 27 November 2013

In the article by Lauvsnes et al in the December 2013 issue of Arthritis & Rheumatism (pages 3209–3217), a character was missing from the reported sequence of the synthetic decapeptide mentioned in the “Anti-NR2 antibodies in blood” and “Anti-NR2 antibodies in CSF” paragraphs of Patients and Methods. The correct sequence is DWEYSVWLSN.

We regret the errors.