• histology education;
  • microscopic anatomy education;
  • histology laboratory;
  • small group teaching;
  • virtual slides;
  • virtual microscopy;
  • lymphoid tissues and organs;
  • active learning;
  • peer education;
  • peer teaching


Histology laboratory instruction is moving away from the sole use of the traditional combination of light microscopes and glass slides in favor of virtual microscopy and virtual slides. At the same time, medical curricula are changing so as to reduce scheduled time for basic science instruction as well as focusing on student-centered learning approaches such as small group active learning and peer-instruction. It is important that medical schools resist the temptation to respond to this conjunction of events by turning histology into a self-study activity. This article describes a lymphoid histology laboratory exercise, occurring in a specially equipped Learning Studio housing an entire medical class that utilizes virtual slides in the context of small group active learning and peer instruction. Anat Sci Educ © 2012 American Association of Anatomists.