• anatomy curricula;
  • anatomy teaching;
  • medical schools;
  • medical education;
  • Africa


Anatomy departments across Africa were surveyed regarding the type of curriculum and method of delivery of their medical courses. While the response rate was low, African anatomy departments appear to be in line with the rest of the world in that many have introduced problem based learning, have hours that are within the range of western medical schools and appear to be well resourced. Human body dissection is a constant and strong aspect of the majority of the courses surveyed. The staff to student ratio appears to be relatively high in Africa, but in many of the responding African institutions, there appears to be little difficulty in attracting suitable faculty (including those who are medically qualified) to teach anatomy. Retaining this faculty, in some cases, may be difficult because of a global demand for anatomy educators. Anat Sci Ed 1:111–118, 2008. © 2008 American Association of Anatomists.