• laparoscopic anatomy;
  • surgical anatomy;
  • postgraduate/residency training


Operative laparoscopy has progressed rapidly in recent years, and this alternative to the conventional approach for abdominal surgery has allowed the description of new planes, spaces, and anatomic references as a result of the artificial rupture of the “anatomical continuum.” Magnified laparoscopic views and the ability to deeply explore anatomic features better demonstrate the basic anatomy. Therefore, even as laparoscopy requires a more profound knowledge of basic anatomy, it enhances our understanding of this anatomy. Current technology for recording and editing video-taped sequences facilitates presentation on screen and can detail all aspects of interest, making such videos high value educational material for learners. Likewise, the experimental surgical laboratory is an indispensable setting for the development of these and other new technologies, transmission of their knowledge, and surgical progress. Anat Sci Ed 2:81–83, 2009. © 2009 American Association of Anatomists.