Information science during the first decade of the web: An enriched author cocitation analysis



Using an enriched author cocitation analysis (ACA), we map information science (IS) for 1996–2005, a decade of explosive development of the World Wide Web, to examine its development since the landmark study by White and McCain (1998). The Web, we find, has had a profound impact on IS, driving the creation of new disciplines and revitalization or obsolescence of old, and most importantly, bridging the chasm between the “literatures” and “retrieval” IS camps. Simultaneously, the development of IS towards cognitive aspects has intensified. Our study enriches classic ACA in that it employs both orthogonal and oblique rotations in the factor analysis (FA), and reports both pattern and structure matrices for the latter, thus enabling a comparison between these several FA methods in ACA. Each method provides interesting information not available from the others, we find, especially when results are also visualized in the novel manner we introduce here.