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Ontology-based evaluation of organizational memory



In this article we offer a new approach to evaluating Organizational Memory (OM). Our proposed evaluation methodology, named KnowledgeEco, is based on an ontology for the domain of OM. Its key steps are: 1) mapping the OM in the evaluated organization onto the ontology concepts; 2) noting which entities from the ontology are missing in the OM; and 3) applying a series of rules that help assess the impact of the OM on organizational learning. This systematic evaluation thus helps to propose ways to improve the evaluated OM.

We present three case studies that demonstrate the feasibility of KnowledgeEco for evaluating OM and for suggesting improvements. We also identify some weaknesses in the OMs common to the three organizations cited in the case studies. Finally, we discuss how the KnowledgeEco ontology-based methodology establishes utility and contributes to further research in the field of OM.

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