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Agency satisfaction with electronic record management systems: A large-scale survey



We investigated agency satisfaction with an electronic record management system (ERMS) that supports the electronic creation, archival, processing, transmittal, and sharing of records (documents) among autonomous government agencies. A factor model, explaining agency satisfaction with ERMS functionalities, offers hypotheses, which we tested empirically with a large-scale survey that involved more than 1,600 government agencies in Taiwan. The data showed a good fit to our model and supported all the hypotheses. Overall, agency satisfaction with ERMS functionalities appears jointly determined by regulatory compliance, job relevance, and satisfaction with support services. Among the determinants we studied, agency satisfaction with support services seems the strongest predictor of agency satisfaction with ERMS functionalities. Regulatory compliance also has important influences on agency satisfaction with ERMS, through its influence on job relevance and satisfaction with support services. Further analyses showed that satisfaction with support services partially mediated the impact of regulatory compliance on satisfaction with ERMS functionalities, and job relevance partially mediated the influence of regulatory compliance on satisfaction with ERMS functionalities. Our findings have important implications for research and practice, which we also discuss.