The TEDS framework for assessing information systems from a human actors' perspective: Extending and repurposing Taylor's Value-Added Model


  • Robert S. “Bob” Taylor, visionary and Dean of the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University passed away on January 1, 2009. This article is dedicated to his memory and honors his pioneering impact on the fields of information science and information systems.


Developed in the early 1980s—well before Internet and web-based technologies had arrived—Taylor's Value-Added Model introduced what is now better known as the human-actors' needs perspective on information systems/information technology (IS/IT) artifacts. Taylor distinguished six top-level criteria that mattered most to human actors when using IS/IT artifacts. We develop this approach further and present the TEDS framework as an analytical instrument for actor- and utilization-specific evaluation of IS/IT artifacts as well as a practical tool for moderating and formulating design specifications. We use the empirical case of a comprehensive comparative professional sports team web site evaluation project to illustrate the power and versatility of the extended analytical framework.