Opinionated document retrieval using subjective triggers



This article proposes a novel application of a statistical language model to opinionated document retrieval targeting weblogs (blogs). In particular, we explore the use of the trigger model—originally developed for incorporating distant word dependencies—in order to model the characteristics of personal opinions that cannot be properly modeled by standard n-grams. Our primary assumption is that there are two constituents to form a subjective opinion. One is the subject of the opinion or the object that the opinion is about, and the other is a subjective expression; the former is regarded as a triggering word and the latter as a triggered word. We automatically identify those subjective trigger patterns to build a language model from a corpus of product customer reviews. Experimental results on the Text Retrieval Conference Blog track test collections show that, when used for reranking initial search results, our proposed model significantly improves opinionated document retrieval. In addition, we report on an experiment on dynamic adaptation of the model to a given query, which is found effective for most of the difficult queries categorized under politics and organizations. We also demonstrate that, without any modification to the proposed model itself, it can be effectively applied to polarized opinion retrieval.