Advances in Information Science


In this issue of JASIST, we are very pleased to publish the first review article in the “Advances in Information Science” (AIS) series that was established as the successor to the Annual Review of Information Science and Technology (ARIST). Miles Efron contributes an authoritative overview of problems raised in the emerging field of microblog information retrieval, identifying the most significant challenges that face designers of search engines for microblog environments. In forthcoming AIS articles, authors will be providing similarly comprehensive and accessible reviews of work on videogame preservation, adolescents' use of social network sites, social Q&A, and more.

As we noted in a previous editorial introducing AIS [JASIST, 2010, 61(9), p. 1733], full details of the aims and scope of AIS are provided on Wiley's Website. The updated address is Ideas of topics suitable for AIS commissions continue to be sought. If you are interested in contributing to AIS, please contact me at