Strategic knowledge maps of the techno-scientific network (SK maps)



Knowledge engineering and information mapping are two recent scientific disciplines in constant development where mathematics, linguistics, computer science, and information visualization converge. Their main focus is to discover and display new knowledge in large document databases. They have broad and innovative fields of application for strategic scouting in science and technology, knowledge management, business intelligence, and scientific and technological evaluation. This article presents a new method for mapping the strategic research network and illustrates its application to the strategic analysis of the knowledge domain “Spanish Research in Protected Areas for the Period 1981–2005.” This strategic knowledge is displayed through a set of two-dimensional cartographic maps and three-dimensional images of two networks: the international network WoS_KWAJ (1981–2005) and the national network IEDCYT_KWAJ (1981–2005). These maps can be very useful in decision-making processes for science and technology policy.