Report for 1963–1964 of the committee on organization of information to American Documentation institute

  • The report of the COI for 1963-1964 was organized and edited by I. Igelsrud, and reviewed by an ADI panel chaired by L. B. Heilprin. For earlier reports of the COI, see references 1 and 2.


Information activities received considerable attention during 1964. The main efforts were stimulated by a concern that R & D results are not adequately disseminated. This paper discusses some of these activities in the academic, governmental, and industrial areas; reviews documentation R & D as given in the National Science Foundation Document, NSF-64-17, Current Research and Development in Scientific Documentation No. 13 (which covers approximately Fiscal Year 1963); and lists some trends observed by the Committee on the Organization of Information (COI). Brief comments are also provided on some international activities that occurred in 1964.