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  • magnetic dilution;
  • magnetic properties;
  • metal formate;
  • metal-organic perovskite;
  • solid-state structure


The preparation, structures, and magnetic properties of a series of metal formate perovskites [CH3NH3][MnxZn1−x(HCOO)3] were investigated. The isostructural solid solution can be prepared in the complete range of x=0–1. The metal–organic perovskite structures consist of an anionic NaCl type [MnxZn1−x(HCOO)3] framework with CH3NH3+ templates located in the nearly cubic cavities and forming hydrogen bonds to the framework. When the proportion of Mn increased (i.e., x changed from 0 to 1), the lattice dimensions and metal–oxygen and metal–metal distances show a slight, nonlinear increase because of the increased averaged metal ionic radius and the local structure distortion. Through the series, the magnetism changes from the long-range ordering of spin-canted antiferromagnetism for x≥0.40 to paramagnetism when x≤0.30, and the percolation limit was estimated to be xP=0.31(2) for this simple cubic lattice. In the low-temperature region, enhancement of magnetization and the gradual decrease and final disappearance of coercive field, remnant magnetization, and spin-flop field upon dilution were observed through this isotropic Heisenberg magnetic series. IR spectroscopic and thermal properties were also investigated.

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Compound 0Mn
Molecular Weight:232.526
Molecular Formula:C4H9NO6Zn
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Compound 100Mn
Molecular Weight:222.0554
Molecular Formula:C4H9MnNO6
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