• anions;
  • host–guest systems;
  • ruthenium;
  • sensors;
  • self-assembly

Zinc Catalysts

The advantages of zinc catalysts, such as their low toxicity, low cost, and environmental benignity, have stimulated organic chemists to explore their applications in organic synthesis. In the Focus Review on page 2502 ff., Xiao-Feng Wu summarizes and discusses recent developments in zinc-catalyzed reduction and oxidation reactions.

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Asymmetric Hydrogenation

The synthesis of chiral amines continues to attract considerable academic and industrial interest. In their Full Paper on page 2562 ff., Matthias Beller et al. describe for the first time an asymmetric hydrogenation of imines to amines using Zn(OTf)2 in combination with a chiral monodentate binaphthophosphine ligand. In addition, transfer hydrogenations of imines that apply Hantzsch ester as a hydrogen source are demonstrated.

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