• HEPEX;
  • postprocessing;
  • hydrological applications


Hydrologists are increasingly using numerical weather forecasting products as an input to their hydrological models. These products are often generated on relatively coarse scales compared with hydrologically relevant basin units and suffer systematic biases that may have considerable impact when passed through the nonlinear hydrological filters. Therefore, the data need processing before they can be used in hydrological applications. This manuscript summarises discussions and recommendations of the first workshop on Postprocessing and Downscaling Atmospheric Forecasts for Hydrologic Applications held at Meteo France, Toulouse, France, 15–18 June 2008. The recommendations were developed by work groups that considered the following three areas of ensemble prediction: (1) short range (0–2 days), (2) medium range (3 days to 2 weeks), and (3) sub-seasonal and seasonal (beyond 2 weeks). Copyright © 2010 Royal Meteorological Society