asl2455-sup-0001-FigureS1.docWord document242KFigure S1. The leading EOF of intraseasonal surface air temperature poleward of 20°N (a), along with power spectrum of the corresponding PC (b). Similarly, in (c) and (d), the leading EOF and its corresponding PC are shown for intraseasonal geopotential at 400 hPa. For the left column, positive (negative) values are shaded in red (blue), and the values are shown with solid (dashed) contours. For the right column, the red-noise spectrum (thin solid line) and the 95% a priori (dashed line) and 95% a posteriori (dotted line) confidence levels are shown.
asl2455-sup-0002-Appendix S1.docWord 2007 document35KAppendix S1. Horizontal pattern of leading Arctic surface air temperature EOF and its linkage to teleconnections.

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