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Inter-annual variations in natural and anthropogenic aerosol loadings over the seas adjoining India using a hybrid approach



We report the inter-annual variations of natural and anthropogenic aerosol loading over the Arabian Sea (AS) and Bay of Bengal (BoB) for the period 2001–2010 using a hybrid approach. Mean (±1 standard deviation) decadal contributions of maritime, dust and anthropogenic aerosols to aerosol optical depth, τ are 16.6 ± 4.2 and 17.5 ± 4.6%, 44.3 ± 22.6 and 37.4 ± 20% and 39 ± 23.4 and 45 ± 20.5%, respectively, over the AS and BoB. Significant increase in τ (>0.007 or 2.3% per year) is mainly driven by anthropogenic aerosols. The results can be used for improved estimates of aerosol radiative forcing in these regions.